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The Spanish football league - Primera Division has deservedly gained great popularity in Europe as well as in the whole world for its high quality matches and famous players. Of course one of the highlights every year in the most professional football league in Spain is the everlasting derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid - one of the most interesting football matches each season.  Following the great interest to the Spanish football league, naturally there’s a huge demand of the Primera Division tickets. If you are devoted fan and do not want to miss out on the actions of Primera Division, then do not wait and buy the tickets for your favourite team online at European Events Tickets.

The primera division is the football championship league conducted in Spain. The primera division also called as la liga since 2008 is the top association in football division in Spanish football league system.  The league play consists of 20 teams with the three teams at the both ends are placed in segunda division. Overall fifty nine teams have competed in this lesgue. Out of which nine have crowned championships. Real Madrid is one of the team that have dominated the championship since 1950 and have won the title thirty one times. The other team is Barcelona that has won the championship almost twenty one times. Barcelona has consecutively won the last there seasons. Valencia, Real Sociedad, deportivo were the other champions seen winning the title over the last two decades. This league is considered as the second strongest league as per the coefficient of UEFA. This one is most popular for its professional attendances with over 28286 fans for the season 2009-10. This stands the third highest population among the football league associations and it stands sixth against all domestic professional sports league. This stands next to the ranks of the league Bundesliga conducted in Germany and premier league.
The format of competition involves a round robin format. The season of this league is between Septembers to June. Each club is given two chances and therefore a total of thirty eight games are played. The teams are provided with three points for a win, zero for loss and one point for draw respectively. At the end of the season the team ranked first with maximum points is crowned with the title. The tie between the teams is broken by considering the following points. Head to head points, head to head goal difference, head to head goals scored.



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