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The French Ligue 1 is the highest division in French football championship and logically offers the most interesting football matches held in France. Most of the Ligue 1 football teams have gained additional player-power and got stronger line-up since last season, but will this be enough to defeat the unstoppable Lyon, Olympique Marseille and AS Saint-Étienne? If you no longer want to witness these impressive football matches in front of the TV at home, but want to see French Ligue 1 football live at the stadiums, browse our selection of French Ligue 1. Great availability and unbeatable prices of French Ligue 1 tickets to support your favourite team, brought to you by European Events Tickets.

Ligue 1 is the football championship league played in the France. This is also called by Le Championnat. This is one of the two divisions of the French professional league and the other one is the League 2. The league consists of twenty teams. Generally the season of this league is played from august to may. Consolidating the teams of league 2 there are thirty eight teams playing a total of three hundred and eighty games. Mostly the games are played in the weekends and rarely some games may be played in the evenings of weekdays. The play is generally halted for the Christmas and New Year holidays. This league is ranked fifth among the top national leagues. This league is later renamed as Ligue 1 orange. The major sponsorship for the league is provided by the French telecommunications company named Orange. This league is well known for facing three significant corruptions by the anibes in 1933, red star in 1950 and Marseille in 1993. However it managed to regain its reputation by the severe actions against the corruption kings. This league was started in the year 1932 by the name national. Then it was known by the name division1 till end of the year 2002. The current champions of this league are Lille. This has been the third victory for them.
Ligue 1 budget and expenses are maintained by the organization DNCG. The budget for the season during the year 2005-06 was 910 million francs. This league ranks fifth in bring revenue of 0.6 billion pounds during the season 2006-07. During the year 2008-09, the world foot ball clubs Lyon and Marseille were ranked in thirteenth and fourteenth position among the world’s richest football clubs for collecting revenue of about 139.6 million francs and 133.2 million francs respectively.



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