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The Premier League is one of the hardest football rivalries on the Old Continent as well as in the whole world, featuring twenty of the best English teams and classiest players in the English football league. If you are true Premier League fan, then you should definitely go after the Premier League tickets offered here at best price to witness and experience these fantastic football matches! Tickets are being sold exclusively fast, so order your Premier League tickets online and enjoy some unforgettable matches at the Premier League football championship - one of the most interesting club competitions in the world!

The football league championship renamed as Npower championship is the second highest of overall English football league system and the highest of the football league. Their primary motto is “real football, real fans”. This originated in the year 2004-2005. During this season it was called as football league first division and it has set record for the highest collection in revenue. This was the sixth richest season in Europe. The winners of this championship is awarded football league championship trophy.
In the first season of the football league championship, consisted of 9.8 million overall attendances. It is considered as the fourth highest attendance record in European football division. This was next to the FA premier league with 12.88 million fans, the Primera division in Spain that consisted of 11.57 million fans, Bundesliga of Germany with 10.92 million people. But football league championship was ahead of serie a conducted in Italy with only 9.77 million people and Ligue 1 that is conducted in France with 8.17 million viewers. At the end of September 2009 coca cola announced their sponsorship for the season 2009-2010. Again on 16th march 2010, Npower was announced as sponsorship for the football league championship and the title was changed as Npower championship. The league primarily consists of 24 teams playing. Each of them is given two chances. This league is played annually during the month august to may. Thus there are 46 matches played totally. The first 6 team qualify for the league matches. The team is given three points for winning the match, zero for losing the match and one point for draw. The league matches are knocking out matches. The top two teams will play the finals. The winner is awarded with the championship league trophy. The broadcasting rights for the latest season is with sky sports.



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