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The national football league structure of Germany was initially developed in 1963 - a bit later compared to the formation of national leagues in most other football playing countries, but this late formation of the Bundesliga did not influenced the quality of Bundesliga football at all. Contrariwise, Germany usually performs fantastic and in the international matches, and many German football teams usually manage to ensure a place in the prestigious Champions league and UEFA Cup competitions. Over 30 of the best football clubs in Germany offer their fans top quality matches in the national league of Germany - the Bundesliga. Naturally, every weekend more then four hundred thousand devoted fans get first Bundesliga tickets and are on the stadiums to cheer their favourite football team. So, if you are into German football and want to have some fantastic moments with your sacred team, purchase your tickets online to get your seat in the Bundesliga matches.

Bundesliga is the football championship conducted in Germany. The football Bundesliga league (FBL) is comprised of 18 teams. Te season is split into league and play off seasons. At the end of the league session the top eight teams are qualified for play offs. The play offs is conducted to select the top five teams and these compete with each others to qualify for the finals. The top two teams play the final and the winner is rewarded as well as awarded with the German championship. The teams of the FBL cup also compete for the German cup. The teams not qualified for the playoffs of the league or in the lower ranks can also participate in the German cup matches. Usually three knock out matches are played in this cup. If more teams are available the extra matches are scheduled as available. The top three knock out teams are awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.
In Germany the first national league for football was started in the year 1939. But in 1944 it was put to an end due to the Second World War. Then it was restarted as football Bundesliga in the year 1966. Initially the first league of Bundesliga consists of only 14 teams. In 2003-04 seasons it was increased to 16 and during the 2006-07 seasons it was further increased to 18 teams. In the further season the second league was reorganized to pro A division and pro B division. Alba Berlin was the top team in the league since 1977 winning the title for 8th time in 2008. But Bayer Giants Leverkusen has been the winner of fourteen German championships. There were twenty one consecutive seasons held till now in the name of this league. The last season league was between Brose Football and Alba Berlin.


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