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Formula 1 Grand Prix Tickets

FIA Formula One 2019 Race Calendar !

The 2020 Race Calendar - 15 March - 29 November


Formula 1 Trips

Want to experience the excitement of roaring engines and top cars speeding on the world’s best race tracks. That is what you will find on each and every Formula 1 Grand Prix. Along with our partners we offer great selection of all Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets at the best prices, so don’t hesitate - order your F1 tickets and plan an unforgettable weekend trip. Support your favourite Formula 1 team or driver anywhere across the world - from Monaco to Brazil, from England to Japan, from Australia to Italy.

Formula 1: Real Test for Man and Machine

Formula 1 car racing, F1car racing in short is considered the true index of car racing, at the highest level. The results of Formula 1 car racing taken over a period of 1year determine the world rankings of not only of the car drivers but also of the car manufacturers and tire makers. Racing tracks have their own stringent and sophisticated specifications. The majority o Formula1 car racing is held on race tracks specially made for this purpose. However, Grand Prix events like the one at Monte Carlo are held on roadways. The Grand Prix events are the most popular among all Formula 1 racing events. Formula1 circuit conducts 2championships every year, at the end of all events. One is for the drivers and the other is for car manufacturers.
The cars used for formula racing cannot be used for other purposes. However, famous car manufacturers in Europe and Japan make it a point to manufacture these special cars. Similar is the case with tire makers also. It can be considered as a trial of strength. The racing is a true test not only for the engine but also for all the other parts making up the car including unimportant items like bolts and nuts. All components of the car have to withstand severe and tough conditions that are encountered during racing. Even an apparently small failure in the steering system can result in an accident to the car and the driver. In many cases, failure of the car may result in multi car accidents and some of them even endanger the lives of spectators. Considering all these aspects it becomes a matter of prestige for car manufacturer. It is proof of their designing and manufacturing capability regarding aerodynamics, electronics, suspension, steering etc. Similarly, tire manufactures track the worthiness of their tires at high speeds and sharp turns.
Formula1 racing cars are single seater. Each of the teams has two drivers. The teams, engine and tier suppliers are designated every year and are liable to change for various reasons. The racing speed can reach in excess of 360 miles per hour. Accidents do happen, mostly at curves. They also happen at the time of overtaking especially if the driver who is trying to overtake is pushed to side.
Formula 1 driver earns huge amounts as prize money. When the risk involved and the threat to life and limb are considered, these amounts look well deserved. Formula 1 driver are in the employ of the engine manufacturers, each of them fix up a team to run the race in their names. The drivers while driving wear dresses which protects them from fire and serious accidents. The term formula relates to the qualification for the car and the driver for participation. All drivers make test run on the tracks to test the car engine, track, and also attainable speed. The results achieved have a direct bearing in the actual race.     

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