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Cirque du Soleil / Circus of the Sun

Have you ever wanted to visit the most spectacular show, full of circus acts, vibrant singing and great dance, then you should not miss out the Cirque du Soleil performance. Accompanied by live music, the acrobats, trapeze, jugglers and the like artists together create an amazing and mysterious performance with unique theme and storyline. This circus theatre has got its roots from Montreal, Canada, where it was established by Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier more than twenty years ago in 1984. Cirque du Soleil means Circus of the Sun and once was used to be a street theatre, meant to be a project for one year only. Fortunately for the public, it has now developed into a world-known spectacle that is touring the globe every year. So, if you want to experience something unique, hardly comparable to any other show, hurry and buy your tickets online before they are gone.About Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil is called as the circus of the sun in English. Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company which is self described as a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment. This was first founded in the Baie-Saint-Paul in 1984 by two former street performers, Guy Lalibertie and Daniel Gauthier.
The show is a synthesis of circus styles around the world with their own central theme and storyline. They get the attention of the audience by their performances by continuous live music, with performers rather than stagehands changing the props.
The cirque expanded vastly between 1990s and 2000s from one show to 19 shows in over 271 cities on every continent. The employees of the shows are around 4000 people from over 40 countries. Several more shows are in a development around the world with a television deal also and in some of the night clubs and restaurants. Cirque du Soleil also produces a small number of private and corporate events every year.
Cirque du Soleil was scheduled to perform in 11 towns in Quebec over the course of 13 weeks running concurrent. Some times there may be some problems. The show may also collapse at times very rarely by some of the weight increased in the rain water caused the central mast to snap. Because of this there are some difficulties with the European performers who were unhappy with the Qubic circus’s inexperience.
Cirque du Soleil was invited to perform in Los Angels Arts Festival. The festival turned out to be a huge success both critically and even financially.  The show attracted the intension of many peoples and it got the attention of entertainment executives including Columbia Pictures which met with Laliberte and Gauthier of wanting to make a movie about Cirque du Soleil.

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