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Iron Maiden 2017 Tickets

Iron Maiden is one of the most popular heavy metal rock music bands in the United Kingdom. It had sold more than seventy millions albums since its establishment in 1980. In fact, Iron Maiden is the best selling rock metal band of all time. Most of the tickets are sold out in a short period so you should grab your ticket as soon as possible.
Though most of the songs are from the 80s, it still receives popularity from fans worldwide. The band will be touring in towns nearby your house. The band is going to release a new album and hold a tour soon. If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, you should get a ticket to watch the band performed on the stage at a live concert.
Every fan wants to find out what songs they are going to perform during this concert. Many fans also want to know why the band is named Iron Maiden. The band was named Iron Maiden because of their metal music performance. If you had been to an Iron Maiden concert before, you will know that its music performance is very loud and powerful as iron. It is so loud that it can cause your ear to become deaf.
Fans should quickly purchase the tickets if they want to get opportunities to watch Iron Maiden at the live concert. The live concert will be full of loud noises from the guitars and drums. The music performance is very loud and you have to shut your ears with two hands. Customers that are interested in getting Iron Maiden tickets can order them online from the website. By taking action to order it soon, you will be able to get to the live concert.

Sensation Tickets 2017

One of the most popular music events is Sensation that is held in different parts of the world on an annual basis. The event was inaugurated from the country of Netherlands and is organized by ID&T. when Sensation was inaugurated in the year 2000, it went on to perform at the Amsterdam Arena for a total of five years after which the musical event starting being held in different countries and cities such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Latvia, Belgium, Brazil, Ukraine, Norway, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Taiwan, Norway and the United States. The year 2017 Sensation electronic musical event will tour throughout Italy, Russia, The Netherlands and Dubai. After playing in mostly western nations, the Sensation is known to tour towards Asian countries in the recent years too.
When the event was launched in the year 2000, there was only one event, however now two separate events take place that are Sensation Black and Sensation White. Sensation White focuses more on trance and house music, while Sensation Black mostly focuses on hardcore, dark music. This has been done to cater to fans that have different tastes in music. After the event takes place, Sensation releases discs that feature tracks from the music. In the year 2005, a new was introduced that was known as Sensation International that features mostly house and trance music. A few of the artists that have performed at both Sensation Black and Sensation White events include The Rush, Fred Baker, First and Andre, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Luna, The Prophet, Showtek, DJ ghost, Black Identity and Max Enforcer.
These events have around forty to forty five thousand tickets available for spectators to purchase and if you wish to become a part of this amazing electronic, trance and house music festival you should remember to get your hands on the tickets before they run out. Amongst a few of the next performers include Tiesto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello, Johan Gielen, Sebastian Ingrossn, Mason and Felix Da Housecat. Prepare to rock hard all night long as your favorite disk jockeys and performers, as they will play all night long. Buy your Sensatin 2017 ticket online now!

Justin Bieber 2017 Tickets

Born on the first of March in the year 1994, Justin Bieber has become a musical prodigy becoming one of the most famous R&B, pop and hip hop artists of this century, that too at the naïve age of eighteen. This amazing artist was born in the city of London situated in the town of Ontario located in Canada. It was in the year 2008 that Justin was discovered by Scooter Braun, the American talent hunter. Scooter Braun discovered Justin through the videos he had uploaded over YouTube and decided to set up a meeting with the singer Usher Raymond to know if a deal could be placed into motion. Soon after the meeting Justin Bieber was signed to the Raymond Braun Media Group. The debut album and record was released through the Island Records and was named “My World”. This album was released in the year 2009. His very first album was able to receive platinum certification throughout the United States. His very first album was able to get to the top seven positions on the Billboard Hot 100 making him the only artist to ever hold this record. This album was remade in the year 2010 and a studio album with the name My World 2.0 was released. It was this album that consisted of the multi-platinum song “Baby”.
It was after the release of this album that the artist went on his debut headlining tour which was named “My World Tour”. Then it was in the year 2011 that the second album was released which was named “Under the Mistletoe”. It was this album that was to able to get to the number one position on the Billboard 200 charts. In the year 2012, his third studio album named “Believe” was released. At such a young age that artist has been able to win quite a few awards which include the Artist of the Year Award which was given by the American Music Awards in the year 2010. In the year 2012, Justin Bieber was given the title of being in the top three most powerful celebrities list by Forbes. So if you are a fan, make yourself a part of his next headlining tour. As usual, we will post all the best available tickets here as soon as they are out on sale.

Muse European Tour 2017 Tickets

The alternative rock band from UK, Muse will again be on tour in the summer of 2017 in continental Europe. They will visit Rockavaria Munich (Olympiahalle Munich, Deutschland), Rock im Vienna (Donauinsel Vienna, Austria), Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf (Evenemententerrein Megaland Landgraaf, Netherlands), Muse Rome (Ippodromo Delle Capanalle, Rome, Italy) and more. Any serious Muse fan from Europe is likely to visit their fantastic live shows, which will be carried out at the different venues mentioned above, as well as some others. If you have never seen Muse live, well now it is the time for some rocking performance. Tickets for the band's 2017 concerts are already on sale and enjoy great interest. Don’t miss that fantastic band's live concerts, get your Muse 2017 tour tickets now.

Coldplay Tickets 2017

Coldplay will be again performing live in 2017 across several European cities. If you are interested in that great kind of rock, present yourself with some unforgettable experience and watch Coldplay performing live. Due to the high interest Coldplay’s show and numerous enquiries for Coldplay tickets we already sold out all the tickets for their concert. Check back later, when we will try to offer some more available tickets for Coldplay's performance this year.

U2 2017 Tour Tickets

The famous artists of U2 will be again on tour in 2017, which currently is surely one of the most awaited tours this year, not only in Ireland and United Kingdom, but world-wide. The guys from Dublin attracted great interest with their already planned 2017 European & USA tour, for which we at already offer the best tickets at some of the cheapest prices. This is not surprising at all, since the Irish band is quite popular throughout the planed, especially with some impressive examples such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Pride", "One", "With Or Without You", "All That You Can’t Leave Behind" and many others. On their 2017 Tour, U2 will visit the following European cities: Turin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Cologne, Barcelona, Antwerp, Paris, London, Glasgow and New York in the United States of America.
U2 without a single doubt will make fantastic shows for their fans. The tickets demand for U2 concerts is already huge, so the earlier one gets himself a ticket the better, as no one knows when everything will be sold out - something which is not an option for a dedicated U2 / Bono fan! So if you are such a real fan it is definitely time to provide yourself with a ticket of the U2 2017 tour! Do not wait long tails for hours - simply buy your U2 tickets secure online and expect the band’s live music this year. Do not wait till it’s too late as there is huge interest in the band’s tickets and they will be taken quickly. Buy in advance your premium ticket for the U2 concert in your city.

Metallica 2017 Tickets

Most metal and rock fans already know about the upcoming Metallica tour, which is part of band’s Death Magnetic. Expected to be rarely exciting Metallica’s forthcoming tour is already receiving huge interest from the metal fans from around the world and now tickets for Metallica are on sale. The concerts of the famous Metallica will surely include some of their most popular ever songs, such as Master of Puppets, One, Nothing Else Matters, etc, as well as hits from Metallica’s last album. Want to avoid the long tails and the risk of leaving without a ticket for Metallica’s concert in your city? The answer is pretty simple - get your ticket for Metallica tour with secure online order on! Metallica's 2017 tour will attend the following festivals and destinations: Rockavaria Munich (Olympiahalle Munich - Germany), Rock Werchter Festival (Festival Park Werchter - Belgium), Rock in Vienna (Donauinsel Vienna - Austria), Metallica Bergen (Bergenhus Festning - Norway), Metallica Gothenburg (Ullevi Stadion Gothenburg - Sweden), Metallica St. Petersburg (SKK Arena St Petersburg - Russia), Metallica Moscow (Olimpiisky Palace Moscow - Russia). Get your Metallica Ticket online now!

Take That 2017 Tour Tickets

Take That is a popular rock band that has millions of fans around the world. Many fans like their songs so they receive a lot of demands from the fans. Take That 2017 tickets are now on sale online. The members of Take That band separated during 1996, but reunited again later. Take That used to be very well received during the 1990s. Today, the band is still very popular among the young fans. Since the band reunion, they had performed well before the fans in the live concert. The band was nominated four times for the 2008 Brit Awards. The hit singles are promising, just as in the early years. Some of the popular hit singles which they performed in the past include "Everything Changes", "How Deep is Your Love?" and etc. These are just a couple of examples. There are many more hit singles from Take That that are popular among fans. Take That tickets are now in high demand in UK and other countries in Europe. The If you have never been to a Take That concert, you should get a ticket and watch the fascinating live performance.  Browse all available Take That tickets here.

Rammstein 2017 Wacken Open Air Tickets

The Rammstein is a popular Metal band from Germany, which was formed in the year 1994, in Berlin. This band has the members as Till Lindemann the singer, Richard Kruspe as the leading guitarist, Paul Landers as the rhythm guitarist, Oliver Riedel as bass guitarist, Schneider as the drummer and electronic percussion player and Christian Lorenz as the keyboard player. The band is famous in the parts of Neue Deutsche scene, in many parts of Germany too. The band albums were sold for over 22 millions of records all over the world. Their catalogue was published with the Universal Music Group because of they don’t have any changes in their group.
Rammstein band group were successful all over the world, although their songs were written in German. They achieved their fame with the huge top stage show and by using many pyrotechnics for impressing all their fans. This band handled the pyrotechnics with professionals and they had the license by Lindemann who made all the songs to be in flame for the people and fans. Even the majority of songs were written in German, the band succeeded in all parts of the world.
Do not miss their outstanding shows with our exclusive Rammstein 2017 Wacken Open Air Tickets.

Madonna 2017 Tour Tickets

Madonna is planning to go on a World Tour, the dates of which have not yet been released. Although nothing is confirmed yet, there are rumors that around 30 European cities will be covered in the tour, including Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow and Milan. We at European Events Tickets will offer tickets for these events as soon as they are available for online sale and as always at best price and greatest availability possible!

Kylie Minogue 2017 Tour Tickets

Witness the glorious comeback of Kylie Minogue as her tour continues with concerts in Germany and Australia in 2017. As you can guess the tickets for Kylie Minogue’s 2015 tour are being sold out in no time, so do not too long to get your ticket for her concert in your city or all the tickets might be gone! Browse the available tickets for Kylie Minogue European tour 2017.

Guano Apes 2017 Concerts

Guano Apes are famous rock band which was formed in the year 1994 by four people in Gottingen, Germany. This group has the members as Sandra Nasic the singer, Henning Rumenapp is the guitarist, Stefan Ude is the bass player, and Dennis Poschwatta is the drummer with the backing vocals. Their music is well profoundly known as the Alternative metal and Alternative rock. Their music combinations are basically described as the fusion of the pop, metal and rap. The famous releases of their studio albums are Proud like a God in 1997, then in 2000 Don’t Give Me Names, in 2003 Walking on a Thin Line, and at the latest in 2011 Bel Air. They have made one live album which is on 2003, and also made five video albums. On the outcome of the many albums there are compilation albums which are being made in 2004 and 2006. They are Planet of the Apes and the Lost (T) apes.
Guano Apes played a concert in Europe in 2009; they made many programs in countries like Braga, Portugal; Przystanek Woodstock, Poland; Bucharest, Romania and Nickelsdorf, Austria. They also released singles which was labeled as the "Oh, What a Night" and "Sunday Lover". Lighting designer Stephan Aue, is one of the best LDs worldwide to use Martin Professional's MAC wash light, they are placing forty two of the award-winning fixtures on German rock band current European tour.
Songs like "She’s a Killer" and "Tiger" were all filled to brim with lyrics like "She took a gun with the blood on your hands and she pulls the trigger without the blink of romance". It is also the type of thing which is being expected from solid rock band. There are the perfect combination of power chords and angry motives. Get your Guano Apes next Tour Ticket in advance with

Depeche Mode 2017 Tickets

If you are devoted fan of Depeche Mode then you surely must be already looking for your favorite band from United Kingdom next tour. The Depeche Mode's next tour dates however are not yet set up and tickets are not on sale at this time.  Currently the exclusively popular New Wave / New Romantic band of Depeche Mode features Andrew Fletcher, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan, and it is sure once again they will make sone memorable concerts in the near future. Do not be late to get your ticket and miss one of the best musical events in Europe and in the world! Chech back here for the best Depeche Mode Tickets at unbeatable prices at!

Radiohead 2017 Tickets

Radiohead is a rock band from UK that is popular worldwide. Their first album Creep was released in 1992 but it was their OK Computer that catapulted them to international fame. As great a singer as Rolling Stone has included the band in his greatest artists of the world list. Today, Radiohead is regarded as the most talented band and has a fan base of millions around the world. To add to this huge list of fans, the band has been travelling to various parts of the world lately. We will offer tickets for Radiohead's next tour as soon as they are on sale.

Pink 2017 Tickets

Following the release of the 2012 album called The Truth About Love, the famous R&B artist Pink is expected to go on tour across several European countries, as well as in the United Kingdom. Don’t miss this amazing singer’s Funhouse Tour, get your Pink tickets for the next European concerts online as soon as they are available on sale here! The demand for Pink tour tickets is always huge, so earlier supply with a ticket is recommended.

Bon Jovi 2017 Tickets

Bon Jovi has been a top rock band for more than 20 years. The band has several singles that are immensely popular in between 1980 - 1990. In the 21st century, it still has many fans around the world because the 80s songs are able to live up the audience.
If you have never been to a Bon Jovi concert before, you should get a ticket so that you can find out for yourself why Bon Jovi is so successful. Bon Jovi has many albums that are well received among fans. Some of the best albums by Bon Jovi include Slippery When Wet, New Jersey and etc. The tickets for Bon Jovi live concert are rarely available so you should grab your chance and get a ticket as soon as possible.
During 2004, Q Magazine list Bon Jovi as the 14th most popular bands in the world. Bon Jovi band ranks the 14th position on a list of 50 rock bands. Bon Jovi are really good at performing live music and had never disappointed the fans before. If you are interested about the live concert, make sure you purchase the ticket online as soon as possible so that you can attend the concert on time. Check out all Bon Jovi tickets here as soon as they are available online.

Tours, Concerts & Sporting Events in Europe 2017

Soon we will feature on this page more premium tickets for the hottest festivals, concerts, tours in the European cities. Also tickets for the major sporting events - the new Formula one season during 2017, MotoGP, all football chmpionships in 2017, golf, rugby, tennis and cricket tournaments of year 2017 plus many other hot events on the Old Continent. From year 2017 we will also offer travel services for our visitors. For the time being there won't be any travel packages (tickets + hotel accommodation + transport). Still one will be able to book separately hotel accommodation, transportation and other travel services for his/her visit to a favourite event. Stay tuned and enjoy all the great events in Europe during 2017 with European Events Tickets.

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